Archetypes Quotes

C.G. Young

“Their roots penetrate down to the fundamental strata of reality itself,
past even the distinctions between space, time, mind and matter. The archetypes are built up from the accumulated experience of thousands of years of common, or collective human experience.”

Ken Wilber

“They are highly advanced structures lying in the high-subtle and low causal planes. It is the realm of higher presences, guides, angelic being, ishtadevas and dhyana-buddhas; all of which are simply high archetypal forms of one’s own being.”

“The true archetypes are a meditative experience, and you cannot understand these archetypes without performing the experiment. They are not images existing in the mythic worldspace, they are not philosophical concepts existing in the rational worldspace. They are meditative phenomena existing in the subtle worldspace”

Allan Combs

“They are self-organizing systems, existing perhaps in a symbiotic relationship to the physical brain.”

Robert A. Wilson

“Mescalito could be both an archetype of Jung’s Collective Unconscious and an anthromorphized human translation of a persistant signal sent by the molecular intelligence of the vegetative world. Mescalito is a genetic signal in our collective unconscious, but activated only when certain molecular transmissions from the plant world are received.”

Rupert Sheldrake

“MORPHIC FIELDS, like the known fields of physics are non-material regions of influence extending in space and time. They localized within and around the systems they organize. When nay particular organazid system cease to exist; as when an atom splits, a snowflake melt, an animal dies, its organizing field disappears from that place. But in another sense, morphic fields do not disppear; they are potential organizing patterns of influence, and can appear again physically in other time and place, whenever and wherever the physical conditions are appropriate. When they do so they contain within themselves a memory of their previous physical existences.”

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