Suggested Readings


Dr Timothy Leary : Flashback; The Psychedelic Experience; Psychedelic Prayers; High Priest; etc.

Carlos Castaneda : The Teachings of Don Juan; A Separate Reality; Tales of Power; Journey to Ixtlan; etc.

Dr John Lilly : Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer; The center of the Cyclone; The Dyadic Cyclone; The Scientist; Tanks for the Memories;

Aldous Huxley : Doors of Perception; The Perennial Philosophy;

Terence McKenna : The Invisible Landscape; True Hallucination; Foods of the Gods; The Archaic Revival

Robert Anton Wilson : Cosmic Trigger

Dr Rick Strassman : DMT, the Spirit Molecule

Bruce Eisner : Ecstasy: the MDMA Story

Dr Albert Hofmann : LSD, My Problem Child

Dr Alexander Shulgin & Ann Shulgin : PIHKAL; TIHKAL

Jay Stevens : Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream

Dr Stanislav Grof : LSD Psychotherapy; Realms of the Human Unconscious; etc.


Patanjali : Yoga-Sutras

Oscar Ichazo : Psycho Calisthenics; The Human Process for Enlightenment and Freedom; etc.

E.J. Gold : Practical Work on the Self; The Seven Bodies of Man; The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus; Tanks for the Memories (with Dr J. Lilly); etc.

Dr David Hawkins : Power vs Force; The Eye of the I; I: Reality and Subjectivity

Dr Georg Feuerstein : Wholeness or Transcendence?; Structures of Consciousness: the Genius of Jean Gebser; The Yoga Tradition; Lucid Waking; etc.

Allan Combs : The Radiance of Being

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj : I Am That

Dannion Brinkley : Saved By the Light

Rama Frederick Lenz : Surfing the Himalayas: A Spiritual Adventure; Snowboarding to Nirvana

Integral Philosophy

Michael Murphy : The Life We Are Given; The Futur of the Body

George Leonard : The Life We Are Given; Education & Ecstasy; Mastery

Jean Gebser : The Ever-Present Origin

Ken Wilber : Integral Psychology; Sex Ecology Spirituality: the Spirit of Evolution; The Spectrum of Consciousness; The Atman Project; Boomeritis; One Taste; A Theory of Everything; etc.

Don Beck : Spiral Dynamics


Kevin Kelly : Out of Control

Daniel Quinn : Ishmael; the Story of B; My Ishmael; Beyond Civilisation

Rupert Sheldrake : The presence of the past; The Rebirth of Nature

Michael Talbot : The Holographic Universe

John Allen : Biosphere 2: the human experience

Orson Scott Card : Ender’s Game

Charles Platt : Silicon Man

Fred Alan Wolf : Taking the Quantum Leap

Richard Back : Illusions : The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah; Messiah’s Handbook

Barbara Ann Brennan : Hands of Light


Alex Grey : Sacred Mirrors; Transfigurations; The Visionary Artist; Zig Zag Zen; The Mission of Art

Robert Venosa : Noospheres

Robert Williams : Malicious Resplendence; Lowbrow Art of Robert Williams; Views from a Tortured Libido

Paul Laffoley : The Phenomenology of Revelation


The Dream Makers: Discovering your breakthrough dreams, Richard Corriere et al. :

Creative Dreaming, Patricia Garfield :

The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep, Tenzin Wangyal :

Man and his symbols, Carl Gustav Jung :

Being-In-dreaming, Florinda Donner :

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