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“Direct spiritual experiences appear in two different forms. The first of these, the experience of the immanent Divine, involves subtly, but profoundly transformed perception of the everyday reality. A person having this form of spiritual experience sees people, animals, and inanimate objects in the environment as radiant manifestations of a unified field of cosmic creative energy and realizes that the boundaries between them are illusory and unreal. This is a direct experience of nature as God. Much of the old perception of the world remains in place, but is radically redefined by the addition of a new dimension.
The second form of spiritual experience, that of the transcendental Divine, involve manifestations of archetypal beings and realms of reality that are ordinarily transphenomenal, meaning unavailable to perception in the everyday state of consciousness. In this type of spiritual experience, entirely new elements seem to unfold or explicate, to borrow a term from physicist David Bohm, from another level or order or reality.
For many people, the first encounter with the sacred dimension of existence often occurs in the context of the death-rebirth process, when the experience of different stages of birth are accompanied by visions and scenes from the archetypal domain of the collective unconscious.”


“The human psyche has its own private and personal schedule for growth, and will take important steps in its own way and in its own time. The therapist is there to help the process, to devote himself, heart, soul, and insight, to guiding and supporting the hard work his client is doing.
What the therapist should remember is that the client’s psyche contains a part that is a self-healer, and that it is a component of what might be called, for lack of a better term, his higher self. I prefer to call it the overseer. He should tell the client of the existence of that healer within, because by doing so, he will help activate it.”


“Mystical knowing, like all meta-normal experience, is suject to cultural shaping, and it can also be clouded by various pathologies.”

“Works of genius involve a “subliminal uprush”, an emergence into consciousness of ideas that the subject has not consciously originated, but which have shaped themselves beyond his will, in profounder regions of his being.”

“Whatever the afterlife brings us, we can cultivate a unitive awareness of our source, a love for others, and a self-existent delight that shines through all types of embodied existence.”

“As it apprehends eternity, human consciousness might transmit a self-sustaning permanence to the form it inhabits.”


“The aperspectival consciousness structure is a consciousness of the Whole, an integrated consciousness encompassing all time and embracing both man’s distant past and his approaching future as a living present.”

“Anxiety is always the first sign that a mutation is coming to the end of its expressive and affective possibilities, causing new powers to accumulate, which, because they are thwarted, create a “harrow” or “constriction.”

“Man’s coming to awareness is inseparably bound to his consciousness of space and time.”

“Every consciousness mutation is apparentently a sudden and acute manifestation of latent possibilities present since origin.”

“Everything that happens to us is only the answer and echo of what and how we ourselves are.””The freedom from time is the precondition for the realization of the integral consciousness structure that enables us to perceive the aperspectival world.”

“We must not lapse into the error of aspiring to an expansion of consciousness, since everything depends on an intensification of consciousness.”


“When given freedom from external exchanges and transactions, the isolated-constrained ego (or self or personality) has sources of new information from within.”

“Instead of merely providing a path, beliefs can themselves become the destination.”

“My brain is a huge biocomputer. I am the self metaprogrammer in this biocomputer. The brain is housed in a body. The mind is the software of the computer.”

“The center of the cyclone, in the deepest analysis I have yet done, is the quiet peaceful creating meeting place for all of us, connected in the Cosmic Network of Essences.”

“Metabelief is beliefs about beliefs themselves. It is meta (above the next level) to beliefs”

“It might turn out that exploring the far-out spaces of human consciousness is the fastest way to social transformation.”

“Literally in the mind there are no limits, except those placed upon that mind by itself. Enlarged inner limits lead to vast experiences within.”


“I beleive that the time is overdue for the emergence of a new vision of human and social destiny and being.”

“Repression growing from the fear of change may well get worse in the years to come.”

“In the long run, there can be no successful outer trip without an inner trip.”

“The culture devotes itself to the creation and maintenance of a strange and unprecedented “self” almost entirely cut off from being and thus condemned to ceaseless doing and getting.”


“Consciousness is the essence of experience. It has no structure of its own but only essence. Consciousness is the perfect transparent subjectivity through which the phenomenal world shines.”

“It is common in yoga to stress the importance of physical health as almost a precondition for the acheivement of high levels of transpersonal growth. Diet, exercice and hata-yoga are viewed as important preparations of the body that will allow it to sustain the intense energies and demanding transformations that come with advanced yogic work.”

“What is needed if evolution is to be accelerated is a mechanism to anchor the gains made by each generation, so that future generations can use them as footholds.”

“A healthy ego is an important prerequisite for beginning the spiritual work.”


“Evolution is nothing but a progressive unfolding of spirit out of the density of material consciousness and the gradual self-revelation of God out of this apparent animal being.”


“Transpersonal psychology can be understood as the mending of the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions with the learning of modern psychology.”

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