psychedelic master

The Psychedelic Master

This comprehensive and unique book is a manifesto created to inspire you to experiment with your consciousness without compromise, to think for yourself and question authority. It pays homage to the psychedelics; may it assist you to better understand and appreciate this food of the gods.

Some of the topics covered: Rehabilitation – In the beginning – The Intelligence Agents – Neither Natural nor Synthetic – The Psychedelic Community – Hard Drugs – Food of the Gods – The Art of Going Too Far – Am I Dreaming? – Clear Light – Metaprogramming -Habit Kills Genius – Kosmos – I’m Not Crazy! – That Said, Do You Have Siddhis?  – My Second Life – Disassociation – Aliens – The Man Who Dies before Death Is Immortal – The Unmoving Journey of the Awakening – I Am Santa Claus – Psychedelic Master


The time has come to assert a new way of thinking! The era of multi-dimensional holographic communication is already underway. It takes into account the invisible, the subtext, the unspoken; it listens to intuition, feelings, dreams – all that can be seen with the third eye.


Nicolas Lehoux

Nicolas Lehoux lives in Montréal (Québec, Canada). Inspired artist and writer, his work is a constant expression of happiness and beauty. He uses many art forms, including comics, painting, music and writing.

He has published several books in French and their growing popularity led him to translate three of his works in Spanish. You can find them on this website:


Psychedelic Master is reawakened in me. I am in such a state of grace because I tasted the absolute to my fill – I am strong, ready to face the unimaginable to live a voluntarily conscious life. I plant my feet on the soil of this magnificent blue planet, look the world straight in the eye and proclaim – it is not what I do that matters most, but what I Am. I am the Psychedelic Master. I will not go unnoticed much longer!
– Nicolas Lehoux, The Psychedelic Master

Nicolas Lehoux

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