Food of the Gods

Extract from The Psychedelic Master


Alkaloids in plant, specifically the hallucinogenic compounds such as psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and harmaline, could be the chemical factors in the protohuman diet that catalyzed the emergence of human self-reflection.
– Terence McKenna

Psychedelics are regarded as the Food of the Gods, and with good reason. For example, hallucinogenic mushroom use dates back more than 3,500 years to Aztec religious rituals in Mexico. They were named The Flesh of God, because their consumption was supposed to give supreme religious powers and visions of the future. We find entheogens also depicted in the oldest sacred books, among them the Vedas and the Bible, which contain subtle hints indicating psychedelic use.

In the same way that fruits and vegetables nourish the physical body, psychedelics nourish the subtle body, give it strength, vigor and wisdom. They activate the subtle brain circuits still latent in most humans. Entheogens are in effect nutritious food, rich and free, that Gaia makes available to help us gain and maintain mental sanity, and be more conscious. The experience is palpable. You can feel the sap rise through the nadis, that is, the channels through which the energies of the subtle body flow – channels engorged with light by some miraculous alchemical process. Not only do we feel satiated after a successful psychedelic experience, but we do not feel the need to take more – no offense to those who foolishly believe that psychedelics are addictive. Besides, those who connive to convince us that psychedelics are dangerous are the very same who hawk and consume genetically modified foods and fast food. They also market drugs that ensure we remain sick, anxious, and cut off from our inner divinity by a lethargic slumber without hope. So it is very lucrative for them to sow confusion and fear, for those who are weak and sick are easier to subjugate.

In a society of fast food, TV dinners and genetically modified foods, it is understandable psychedelics are not appreciated at their true value. Our eating habits have changed dramatically since the beginning of the industrial age, and not for the better, as is evidenced by the fact humans today are barely able to feed their physical bodies. They ingest anything, anytime, and pay no attention to the ingredients of the products they buy. And they apply the same principles to their subtle diet by not developing their intuition or creativity, by paying no attention to their dreams and by anesthetizing themselves with pills prescribed by their doctor, psychiatrist and TV. They still flock passively to the Church to receive the spiritual food they yearn for, but religion has become the fast food of the soul. Like so much bleached flour which no longer contains any vitamins or nutrients, religion served by the Church is like a high-carb snack that fills the stomach and empties the body.

Before the advent of politics and religion, ceremonial use of psychedelics was common and afforded our ancestors free access to the transpersonal, the divine, the cosmic and the sacred dimension of being. Their visions gave meaning to their lives. No intermediary existed between them and God; they knew to eat the fruit of wisdom to be God. But the Church cleverly replaced the entheogens used in sacred ceremonies with alcohol – the sacramental wine. It was not long before the people lost their personal and direct access to the divine and began kneeling before the pontiffs – from the Latin pontifex – a term etymologically meaning “that which bridges” (between the gods and men). The army of monks transcribing the scriptures also chipped in to censor and change keywords that would have allowed the uninitiated to awaken themselves to their true nature. It is very telling in this regard that Banisteriopsis caapi, the Ayahuaska ingredient containing DMT, is commonly called the divine vine or spirit-vine.

It is interesting to reread the scriptures carefully, taking care to read between the lines. The Old Testament refers to heavenly manna, a bread that was purported to fall from the sky each morning. The believer would eat it all and not keep any for the next day as a sign of his faith in God, otherwise the manna was corrupted. And it is written that when the Israelites ate of this bread, they had visions and saw the Glory of God. They were also treated to collective visions of clouds and lights in the sky that gave them courage and divine inspiration during the desert crossing. This evokes for us the presence of magic mushrooms. Those who know the least bit about mycology know that fresh mushrooms do not keep very long before rotting and must be dried quickly. The desert being one of the places where the most mushrooms grow, we understand why the Israelits hung out there for forty years.

The propaganda and misinformation disseminated by the plutocratic manipulator machine pollutes the field of psychedelics… and food. Eating well at all levels is vital. It is a good time to ask ourselves who profit from the prohibition of entheogens. We must inform ourselves and collectively demand that they become accessible so that they may once again make up a part of our diet. The example of Walmart offering organic food now at the behest of its customers is an example of the potential solution. “Ask and thou shalt receive,” we are told, and it is so. Capitalists have no ethics, they want to make money, lots of money, and if we create a demand for psychedelics they will respond predictably. If we boycott collectively the industrial food complex that feeds us without paying attention to our health, they have no choice but to comply with our requirements or fail.

The saying, “tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are,” could be replaced with, “tell me what drugs you take and I will tell you who you are.” Psychedelics drew my attention to small details that were compromising my welfare and happiness through their incessant repetition. So I became more critical of what food I put in my body, for eating consciously makes me feel energetically nourished and vibrationally heightened with every bite. Thanks to entheogens, I changed radically, I rebalanced myself, I realized that my body is a sacred temple in which resides my being. By keeping it pure and bright it is easier for me to be happy, light and fulfilled, because in changing myself I change the world. By eating the Food of the Gods I remembered that I am God. My friends, you are contemplative beacons. Welcome to the Psychedelic Master’s table for a delicious meal that will make you intelligible to yourselves.


Extract from The Psychedelic Master

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